Adam Swayne - Photography by Anthony Hunt
Adam Swayne – Photography by Anthony Hunt

Adam Swayne demonstrated immense skill allied to fiery enthusiasm for modern and new music.

John Wheatley, Tempo


… he displayed minute attention to details of attack, timbre and rhythmic nuance… we got the ideal blend of panache and subtlety.

Nick Kimberley, Evening Standard


Swayne has a formidable technique and ample agility … his ability to fix the music in his mind was remarkable … 
Geoffrey Norris, Daily Telegraph


Adam Swayne proved himself a pianist of formidable technique and high intelligence.

Hilary Finch, The Times


… a very impressive performance by Adam Swayne who was thoroughly attuned to the music’s exploration, pulsation, dark musing and evolution. This dedicated and perceptive account – with something kept in reserve for a thrilling culmination – left no doubt as to Swayne’s musicianship and virtuosity …
Colin Anderson, Classical Source


Swayne describes his piece [Many Dark Actors Playing Games] as a mini-requiem to Dr David Kelly, and as such was a very moving tribute.

Littlehampton Gazette


Written for string quartet, the nine short pieces [of Reaches] flow in to each other to trace the course of a day at sea. The regular use of pizzicato, often against long held notes on a single instrument, was very effective and the slap of strings against the shifting shimmer and sense of openness was moving … let us hope it is not the last time it is heard.

Dr Brian Hick, Lark Reviews


Adam Swayne’s Hawker Hunter is a memorial piece to the Shoreham air crash. The highly aggressive opening draws on a large number of modern techniques in terms of the piano but these are all finely integrated into the score as a whole. As the piece progresses a sense of brooding calm overtakes it and we hear echoes of Purcell’s final pages of Dido and Aeneas. It is as if the music itself becomes the consolation, and is very effective.

Dr Brian Hick, Lark Reviews


Adam Swayne … opened the Funtington Music Group’s 2012 season with a fascinating multi-media illustrated presentation entitled The Development and Variety of Film Music. He ranged over scores as diverse as those written by Shostakovich to Enrico Morricone’s memorable and easily recognisable themes. It was a marvellous collection of film music that splendidly covered the whole gamut of the past century, illustrated by a first-class lecturer and concert pianist.
Chris Linford, FMG Review


… organised by the great good-humoured Adam Swayne … one of the many who have fostered Hove and Brighton as places for small-scale work in a variety of venues, which is all the more pleasing in an era when music seems divided between stadia and streaming. 

Christopher Hawtree,


Adam Swayne’s customary enthusiastic pianism and artistic brilliance shone through [as he] re-created the relentless rhythm and sound of cotton mill machinery with unremitting fervour and commitment.
Chichester Observer


The atmosphere at this New Music Brighton event was lively and the audience was captivated not only by the sound of this truly contemporary piano music but also by the pianist’s enthusiasm for it.
Littlehampton Gazette


Five distinctive modern compositions were all conducted by the articulate and highly expressive pianist, Adam Swayne, here displaying his athletic passion for – often unpredictable – music of the contemporary world.
Chichester Observer


Play on Dr Swayne and play on New Music!
Worthing Herald